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Walking Barefoot Ministries presents these resources for your spiritual growth and encouragement. We have selected books which will help you take the next step in your walk with the Lord. To help you discern what the Lord is saying to you, and what He desires to do in your life. To help you experience the presence and power of God in your life.


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The Heart of David


A Heart Like His by Beth Moore with David McCleskey
Intimate Reflections on the Life of David

"The study of David excites me for many reasons," says author Beth Moore. In addition to perhaps best prefiguring Christ and the Gospel in relation to other Old Testament characters, David painfully proves the depths to which one can fall after reaching such heights. "The contrast between these consecutive seasons of David's life is staggering."

A Heart Like His begins with a look at the sheep-tending, giant-slaying boy and an amazing covenant with God. With poignant, bittersweet detail, it recounts the doomed friendship of Jonathon and David, a king's ascension to a long awaited throne, and a rooftop decision that would mark a turning point in the character of a man.

Leap over a Wall by Eugene Peterson
Earthy Spirituality for Everyday Christians

Bestselling theologian Eugene Peterson uses vividly told stories from the life of the biblical David to illustrate the everyday truths that bring us closer to God. Friendship, grief, love, sin, and suffering, as well as sanctuary, beauty, and wilderness, are all examined in the context of David's lifelong journey.

A Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards
A Study in Brokeness

Those facing the pain and brokenness that result from unfair treatment by other believers will be encouraged by this powerful story of David, Saul, and Absalom. This book is a modern Christian classic.

The Anointing by R. T. Kendall
Yesterday, Today, Tommorrow

Anointing. While the word has several meanings in the Bible, it always revolves around the idea of the Holy Spirit and His power to change human lives. Each of us has an anointing or special gift from god. Using it properly is the key to creating what is good, blessing and encouraging others, edifying ourselves and pleasing the Lord. Using the story of Samuel, Saul and David, The Anointing will help you come to terms with your own anointing as you open yourself to the Holy Spirit. You will discover how to develop your strengths while recognizing your limitations. You will learn how God can use you to the fullest.

R. T. Kendall is the pastor Westminster Chapel in London, filling the pulpit once occupied by G. Campbell Morgan and Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.