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Walking Barefoot Ministries presents these resources for your spiritual growth and encouragement. We have selected books which will help you take the next step in your walk with the Lord. To help you discern what the Lord is saying to you, and what He desires to do in your life. To help you experience the presence and power of God in your life.


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Walking Barefoot




Ben R. Peters



Holy Passion: Desire on Fire

Igniting the Torch of Godly Passion


God is a God of passion and He is looking for a people with passion!


“I can no longer be satisfied with just being ‘good.’ I want to be wasted by His love, lost in His gaze and fired up by the torch in His eyes. I want to be motivated to do things that make no sense to man, but advance His Kingdom in supernatural ways. I want to live in a glory realm that is saturated with His splendor and the creative, miraculous power of His love. I need Him! I want Him! I desire Him—with a passion!”—Ben R. Peters


In this book, Ben Peters discusses the difference between passion and desire, and how to transform desire into passion. He also presents us with a host of holy passion, from the New Testament church, to the historical church, to the contemporary church. He also tells us how to multiply, steward and blend the holy passion God gives us with the passion He has given to rest of His church.














A Manual for Raising the Dead



Raising the dead is nothing new. Elijah, Elisha and Ezekiel did it in the Old Testament. Jesus, Peter and Paul did it in the new. Today, Christians all around the world are doing it. As Paul asked King Agrippa, “Why should it be thought incredible by you that God should raise the dead?” (Acts 26:8). Raising the dead is not for super-Christians, but is in the DNA of every believer.

Ben Peters fully expects to see literal, physical resurrections, as well as spiritual revival, take place before our eyes, through faith in the Living God. This little book will help you discover some of the valuable life-giving principles revealed in Scripture, including:


  • Who is able to raise the dead
  • What you do and don’t need to raise the dead
  • How not to raise the dead
  • The most important key to raising the dead
  • Prophesying life to dry bones
  • Understanding breath, wind and spirit
  • How to minister life to the dead




Prophetic Ministry:
Strategic Key to the Harvest


The harvest is ready. Are you ready to gather it in?

Jesus said that the harvest is ripe, and He has chosen His church to bring it in. Toward that end, He has given us a very powerful tool: prophetic ministry. It is a ministry that shows God’s love and care to those who do not yet know the Lord Jesus Christ by revealing His plans and purposes for them.

Ben Peters knows from first-hand experience the value and effectiveness of prophetic ministry as an evangelistic tool. Along with his wife Brenda, he has been doing prophetic ministry since 1999 and has seen countless salvations, healings and miracles as a result.

In this timely book you will learn about:


  • How prophetic ministry builds up, encourages and activates believers for harvest evangelism.

  • How prophetic ministry prepares the way for signs and wonders, leading to salvation for many.

  • How to hear prophetic words from God with greater clarity.

  • How prophetic ministry can help you overcome the fear of evangelism.

  • How to prepare for effective prophetic ministry.

  • How to multiply prophetic ministry and increase the harvest by developing mentoring relationships.

This book contains nuggets of truth that are not only fascinating but, vital for the day in which we live. It shows you the Biblical pattern for New Testament Evangelism—from John the Baptist to the Apostles. As one who has seen the transforming power of Jesus through prophetic ministry for many years, Ben Peters knows just how valuable a tool God gave us for the harvest. You will be challenged to shift your paradigm radically, when it comes to both prophetic ministry and the harvest.


With Me:

A Captivating Journey Into Intimacy


WITH ME takes you on an incredible journey into intimacy with Jesus, and uncovers a refreshing new revelation from the most famous Psalm in Scripture.

Join author Ben R. Peters as he describes the personal journey of salvation, beginning with when you first realize you really need a shepherd after all, continuing on through the early stages of discovering how awesome your Shepherd is. Follow along as he takes you into a pathway of discipleship through the deep, dark valleys, where you discover the whole purpose of the journey — intimacy with Jesus!  When you come through to the other side of the valley with your Friend and Protector, the journey becomes an adventure and an ecstasy you have never imagined.

WITH ME is full of drama, adventure and revelation. A bonus chapter for pastors will challenge church leaders to help those they lead to find and experience their own destiny and build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.


This book is also available in hardback as a special gift edition.


God's Favorite Number:

The Secret Keys and Awesome Power of True Unity



Yes, He does—so much that you'll find it 1,969 times in Scripture. It's a number that relates to unity. This book will answer the following questions related to God's Favorite Number:

  • Why is unity so important to Jesus and His Father?

  • What are the rewards for unity?

  • How do we build unity?

  • How do we access God’s glory to increase the level of unity?

  • Why is unity so essential to the harvest?

  • How does God’s Math work?

Full of strategic insights, God’s Favorite Number will revolutionize your understanding of the living body of Christ and give you answers to these important questions.

This book is a must read for the body of Christ today. You will want to share it with others who have strategic influence in the church today.


"In God’s Favorite Number, Ben Peters shows us that the revelation of unity in the Church is really the revelation of God’s glory. He paints for us a prophetic picture of what that glorious unity looks like, and lays out fresh insights and practical helps on how we can get there. What a joy to discover that the Harvest is not only gathered in but gathered together!"—Jeff Doles


Catching Up to the Third World:

Seven Indispensable Keys to EXPLOSIVE Revival in the Western Church


Why don’t we see miracles and revival here like they do in other countries?

This is one of the most common questions asked by Christians in the West. Finally, here are some real answers to that question, along with practical solutions to the problem. Catching Up to the Third World reveals how God is provoking the Western Church to godly jealousy, to produce a powerful revival in the “First World” nations, so that the resources of the West can be most effectively utilized in the coming global harvest.

Many biblical principles are revealed in this easy-to-read manual, including:

  • Confessing the sins of our spiritual fathers

  • Pursuing biblical unity and divine encounters

  • Prophetically encouraging and activating every member of the body of Christ to their destiny and function

This book highlights seven major keys that could change the western church forever: the Hannah Key, the Leviticus Key, the Ezekiel Key, the Isaiah Key, the Parable Key, the Kingdom Key—and the Greatest Key of all!


"In Catching Up to the Third World, Ben Peters helps us understand what keeps us from experiencing the kinds of signs and wonders that are being seen in the “underdeveloped” nations of the world. Identifying sources of pride and barrenness, he then shows us the way to repentance—to correct our motivations, enter into the heart of God, and prepare us to receive what God longs to do in our region of the world."—Jeff Doles



Signs and Wonders

To Seek or Not to Seek


Signs and Wonders–To Seek or Not to Seek clearly answers the controversial question that it asks. The conclusions of this thorough and fascinating investigation of the faith-making power of the miraculous will be difficult to refute.


At the same time, the author endeavors to present the information in a very non-offensive manner, with the goal of bringing the whole body of Christ into greater unity rather than division. Readers on both sides of the "signs and wonders" debate will learn to listen to each other and learn more about God's chosen ways to bring people to faith in Him.


Signs and Wonders takes a thorough look at every case of conversion recorded in Scripture. It also looks at church history from the early church fathers until today. It looks at what is happening today and around the world and how sings and wonders are being used to bring people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.



Folding Five Ministries into One Powerful Team

Taking the Apostolic and Prophetic Reformation to the Next Powerful Level


Folding Five Ministries Into One Powerful Team reveals God's plan for mobilizing His church through blending the ministries of the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. When each of these ministries is released and empowered to do what God has called them to do, incredible results will take place. Folding Five Ministries Into One Powerful Team shares some powerful visions and discusses the biblical method of collecting and distributing the needed finances to empower the church to evangelize the world.


Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers are still much needed today, until we all come to "the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ." Folding Five Ministries Into One Powerful Team, by Ben Peters, shows how we can begin to recover and benefit from all these ministries at the congregational level and enhance the balance and maturity of the Church. In this brief book, Ben gives us a stimulating, insightful, and practical treatment of the five-fold ministry and how each part works together for the fulfillment of God's kingdom purposes in the Church.



Go Ahead-Be So Emotional
Empowering the Emotional Personality To Do Awesome Exploits for God


If you've ever been told to get a grip and not to be so emotional, or if you have told this to someone who lives with you, then Go Ahead, Be So Emotional is a must for you.  It will empower the person with an emotional personality to do awesome exploits for God, by revealing their value and potential in the Kingdom of God. This is the book many people have been desperately waiting for and didn't know it.









God is So God!

by Brenda Peters


Brenda Peters knows what it’s like to launch out on a faith journey with only an RV for her home, and this book, filled with her road adventures in a full-time traveling ministry, reveals the awesome power of God to intervene in every aspect of life. The transparency of Brenda’s heart comes through in a beautiful simplicity, bringing with it the assurance that God is more than able to supply every need and use the least to accomplish the most. This is a unique book, full of faith stories and prophetic adventures that will touch your heart. God is so God!


“Brenda Peters is a woman full of a unique zeal in her passion that stirs the hearts of those who hear her message into a higher quality of relationship with Jesus. As she has had an awesome intimate journey with Jesus, her stories and teaching provoke hearts to sit at the feet of the One we love. Brenda is full of both the Word of God and the Spirit of His love, which makes those who receive from her feel embraced by heaven. Her book will inspire people to dive into the fullness of God, no matter what the price.”Shawn Bolz, Author of The Throne Room Company and Encounters with Heaven’s Minister of Finance


Brenda Peters ministers with her husband, Ben, under the name of Open Heart Ministries. She has served as a pastor’s wife, surgical tech, children’s minister and prophetic evangelist. She is much in demand as a speaker and prophetic encourager, and her stories have brought both laughter and tears to many eager listeners.


Ben and Brenda Peters are the founders of Open Heart Ministries and members of International Apostolic Ministries.